If you don't have a pension but would like one...

Buying any pension or investment can be a minefield if you don’t get the right advice. Channel One’s advisers have been providing what we consider the right advice for over 50 years collectively.

These are just some of the questions our clients have always asked…

How much will it cost?

You decide your level of contribution; remember the more you pay in the more tax relief you will receive (up to certain limits).

You can pay monthly or yearly or make ad-hoc lump sum payments.

You can start or stop paying premiums at any time without being penalised.

What happens if I die?

You nominate who you want to receive the funds on your death.

Your fund value is paid out to your beneficiaries normally entirely tax free up to age 75.

Your dependents can take a lump sum and/or income or simply keep it invested in their own pension.

What will I get back?

Depending on the choices you make at retirement you can take:

Up to 25% of the fund tax free from age 55 …and

A guaranteed income for life with no further investment … or

Regular or one-off taxable withdrawals to match your income needs.

Let us guide though the minefield and help you to achieve your retirement goals

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